Capital Bank of New Jersey, Cumberland County’s fastest growing bank with two convenient locations and assets many other community banks may well envy, has two more new branches under construction. They called on Lighthouse Architecture to create their Hammonton, NJ branch, in the hometown of principal architect Pete Porretta.

“It was an interesting design challenge to translate Capital Bank’s modern architectural aesthetic onto a circa 1960s Main Street bank.” says Porretta. “Our clients have a very strong branding strategy that translates into everything from their logo and marketing to their architecture and interior design,” states Porretta. “They understand that architecture plays a powerful role in brand identification.”

The main street building was very different from the bank’s other locations, which are stand-alone facilities. Lighthouse’s consciousness of the importance of branding and visual identification played a key role in transforming the old bank building to a Capital Bank branch.

The design concept was to create a Main Street translation of the Capital Bank architectural brand, as expressed in their Vineland, NJ corporate office and pad site branch. The approach was to strip the building down to its frame, including removing the front curtain wall façade, then to build the Capital Bank brand onto it.

The construction of Hammonton branch, 8,000 square feet on two floors, began in July 2010 with a goal to be open for the 2010 holiday season.

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